Penshurst Harris Tweed sofa

SKU: SF015

Approximately 4-8 weeks production lead time.

For additional colour combinations please contact us.

* Penshurst wing back sofa 
* upholstered in genuine Harris Tweed wool (12 choices of Harris Tweed fabric)

* solid beech wood frame and legs

* 10 year frame guarantee

* handmade in the UK


"Harris Tweed is one of the rarest and most loved fabrics in the world. To carry the name, by Act of Parliament, Harris Tweed must be hand-woven by the islanders of Scotland. Woven by hand in the crofters' cottages, using pure virgin wool that has been dyed and spun locally, it is the world's only commercially produced hand-woven tweed."

For additional colour combinations please contact us.


The following measurements are the external maximum measurements taken from the highest, widest and deepest points.

height: 95 cm
width: 135 cm
depth: 80 cm